SPLIT 10lb FireAde 2000 System with Auto/Manual AutoSense Thermal Technology 17.1 SFI cert with Standard or Billet Brackets (BLACK BOTTLE OPTION AVAILABLE)

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Spa Technique FireAde 2000 SPLIT 10 lb Automatic Fire System, 2 (5lb bottles) Automatic/Manual Activation Thermal Block, 25ft Aluminum Tubing with 4 Nozzles, Tees, Bulkhead, CLEAR OR BLACK Billet Mounts (NO BLUE UNLESS YOU CONTACT US) with choice of mounting tube size or standard steel..  This system is very versatile, 175 deg thermal activation or can be manually deployed with the 6 ft pull handle for the cockpit coverage...2 nozzles in the engine bay can be set off without the 2 nozzles inside being deployed since it is a 2 (5lb Bottle system just like our 20 lb split system) SFI 17.1 certified and fully serviceable, Good for 2 yrs and comes standard -40 deg C freezing temp....FireAde is the Fire Extinguishing agent of the NHRA Safety Safari...choice of 6 ft or 12 ft pull for mechanical side.....FireAde is non-toxic and environmental friendly.

Details of this system:
- 10lbs. of FireAde2000® foam agent

- Good to -40 deg C temp
- 2 Lightweight bottles
- Automatic activation: Mounting Block with thermal bulb(175°F) or 6 ft pull
- Manual activation: Lanyard and 6 or 12 ft pull cable
- 4x Nozzles for coverage of driver and engine bay or fuel cell
- Pressurized from bottle head to thermal block
- Aluminum bendable tubing from thermal block to nozzles utilizing easy to use push-lock fittings
- BOTTLE DIMENSIONS: 13 3/4" X 4 3/8".. Auto head adds 1 1/8" and the LW head adds 1 3/4" to the total length

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